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 Al-Maun is a chapter of The Holy Quran translated as Neighborly Needs or Small Kindness’s. We are a group

of men from various sections of the Delaware valley.

We realized post 9/11 there was a need for the general public to know and learn more about Islam and Muslims.

We began a yearly Understanding Islam dinner, free of charge to the community. We invited the community at large to hear from qualified speakers about Islam in an open forum. Our efforts are celebrated by Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. Soon after we realized the need for African American Male role models in the schools, so we formed AMP, Al-Maun Male Mentoring Program. 

AMP has developed as a Rites of Passage program where young boys are helped to navigate the challenges of becoming positive, productive, and responsible young men in our community. Currently we service three schools in  West and Southwest Philadelphia. We offer learning modules on self esteem, family, health and wellness, in addition to entrepreneurial development.

Al-Maun has joined with The Philadelphia Prevention Partnership in an effort to save our youth from the ravages of drugs and prison. Together we are developing strategies we believe, will ensure our boys to grow to maturity and impact the community in the best possible manner. Al-Maun has begun a community feeding program. We serve the hungry three times a month, twice monthly at Masjid Salaam located on Girard Avenue at 41 streets and Bella's Restaurant located on 22nd street and Ridge ave. Recently we partnered with Bebashi (blacks educating blacks about sexual health issues),

The University of Pennsylvania Mobile Medical Unit  and Spectrum Health to provide health screenings to the inhabitants in the surrounding area of Masjid Salaam. It is our hope to offer more services to our community in the future.

Although, Al-Maun members are Muslims we welcome and look forward to working with people of like minds. In an effort for upliftment in our  community and society.  Join us in this effort to promote goodness via Neighborly Needs and Small Kindness.  

Contact us at the numbers provided below.

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